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Patent searches are performed;

  • to obtain information about your project subject,
  • to search of the state of the art for to know patentability of your invention,
  • to determine the freedom of marketing for your product or the manufacture method in order to avoid patent infringement, and
  • to provide invalidity of patent for the purpose of defense at the infringement case.

Patent searches must be carried out at the project stage not to lose time during the generic drug development and registration studies, which require knowledge, labor and expense and/or to avoid infringement to the original manufacturer's patent rights after marketing.

You may encounter following undesirable situations if patent searches are not carried out for your projects;

  • Your raw material's synthesis process or intermediate may be patented.
  • Your raw material's crystalline structure may be patented.
  • Your raw material's particle size may be patented.
  • Your product's formulation may be patented.
  • Your product's dosage form may be patented.
  • A patented indication may be written in your prospectus.

On the other hand, you may give up authorization of your product because of a patent application which is not possible to grant or not provide enough protection.

Since you cannot evaluate of the patent scope, you cannot produce a solution in order to be out of scope therefore you may give up your project.

You may to be accused with infringement because of a patent that is overlooked or is not evaluated sufficiently.

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